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Musical studies

School of Music, Singing and Dance "Pinzón" Calle del Halcón nº 11 - C.P. 28025 - Madrid Line 5 "Vista Alegre" or "Carabanchel" and line 6 "Carpetana" Urban buses 35, 17 and 55 Interurban 481 and 486 You can contact us at Tel: 91 465 56 19 Office hours: Monday to Friday 10:30 AM to 1:30 PM and 5:00 PM to 9:00 PM

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Letter from the Director

Gustavo Russo.
The "Pinzón" Music, Singing and Dance School offers and maintains as a constant, individual and group teaching, as a direct way to apply the most correct and timely pedagogy in age and time. , providing in each moment self-evaluable quality indexes, that permanently inform the entire educational community about the progress achieved individually and collectively during the learning process. It has as & iacute; same, of diverse and creative mechanisms that allow children, adults and adults to enter the exciting musical world in any of its forms, styles and manifestations. To this end, the offer of activities is wide and varied, designed at every moment to whom they are addressed, and so on. intervene timely and pedagogically, clarifying ideas and previous concepts that have a positive impact during learning. It is the main priority of the Faculty, Head of Studies and Direction of the School of Music, Singing and Dance, it is the work in team, designing activities, evaluating the educational project and its possible modifications, acting on the curriculum. and consequently in the classroom schedules as soon as needs for this are detected, etc. always in a joint way, combining the interest inherent to each subject with the general ones of the School and its students, having as a fundamental premise that from the collective the individual objectives are reached. Fundamental characteristic of the School of Music and Dance "Pinz & oacute; n", is to constantly encourage and create diverse Instrumental and Vocal Groups, tailored to the musical possibilities and material resources with which the School has in each moment. For this there are alternative formulas that allow the student to integrate into the groups that already exist as well. how to be alert to the interest of the students in participating or creating one or another training. Lastly, the School of Music, Singing and Dance Pinz, has as its main virtue, the education of its students not only in concepts and musical contents, but also in the principles and values ​​of music and music. aesthetics, attending to the diversity of the students with integral and integrating vision of the teaching, with concrete measures that they try from the beginning and first approach to the School and its disciplines, to inculcate the respect to the others, the recognition of difference, solidarity, as well as as the care of the physical and material resources, not forgetting its belonging to the district of Carabanchel and Vista Alegre neighborhood in Madrid for thirty years, with the own characteristics that each place or region has impl & iacute; cites, but from the difference itself, permanently enrich the contents and objectives that the Center offers, making clear in each performance the own "Identity Signs".